Since LEd is a free application, we cannot provide professional support. We are, however, interested in continuously improving LEd, so if you have any problems, please send us an e-mail. We do not guarantee that we will reply, but we will do our best to correct bugs or introduce some new features.

Submitting bugs

If you noticed a bug in LEd, you can describe it and send us the description. We are greatefull for any bug notices, and also for suggestions of new features. In the case of bug, please do the following:

  1. make a subject of your mail: Bug Report
  2. describe in detail your system configuration: OS version (also OS language), LEd version, TeX distrubution,
  3. if possible add a screenshot—this helps in most cases,
  4. describe in detail what you do in LEd and what's going wrong,
  5. tell us if the bug appears everytime or only sometimes.

Contacting the authors

You can also directly contact LEd's authors: Adam Skórczyński and Sebastian Deorowicz.