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Visit the licence page to see the conditions governing the usage of LEd.

Main package

LEd is distributed in two alternative ways: a single zip archive and an installation package. For the zip archive, you only need to download the file to your hard disk and extract it into the directory you want. Then, you can run LEd.exe and start working. No installation process is needed. For the installation package, you should download the setup executable file and run it to install LEd.

Description Date Zipped Installer
 LEd Standard Edition version 0.53 beta
 (build 6501)
2009-10-09  5922 KB  5794 KB


  1. LEd is free, however, if you want to support us, please consider a donation.
  2. For previous versions of LEd please visit the download—archive page.


LEd 0.51 and MiKTeX 2.7

To enable the build-in DVI viewer when working with MiKTeX 2.7 please follow these steps:

  1. Download the dvi_miktex27.dll file.
  2. Copy this file to the MiKTeX 2.7 executables directory (e.g., c:\miktex27\miktex\bin).
  3. Run LEd (if not working) and:
    1. open Configuration/Options dialog,
    2. open Application/DVI viewer section,
    3. set TeX distribution to based on MiKTeX,
    4. set font searching library to dvi_miktex27.dll,
    5. set font making script to makepk.exe,
    6. set TeX executables to the directory containing MiKTeX 2.7 executables (e.g., c:\miktex27\miktex\bin).
  4. Restart LEd.

After installing the future release of LEd you will be able to remove this file from the MiKTeX directory and select the TeX distribution to MiKTeX 2.7.

LEd 0.51 and MiKTeX 2.6

If your build-in DVI viewer does not show anything please download the dvi_miktex26.dll file. Then, close LEd (if opened) and copy this file to the main LEd folder (containing LEd.exe) overwriting the existing dvi_miktex26.dll file.

If your build-in DVI viewer works we recommend to refrain from appling this patch.

LEd 0.46 and MiKTeX 2.5

To make the build-in DVI viewer in LEd 0.46 or earlier working under MiKTeX 2.5 please follow the instruction below.

  1. Download the dvi_miktex25.dll file.
  2. Start LEd.
  3. Open the Configuration\Options menu, select the Application\DVI viewer section, and do:
    1. Copy the dll file you downloaded to the MiKTeX 2.5 bin directory, i.e., the directory pointed in the field TeX executables.
    2. Set the TeX distribution to based on MiKTeX.
    3. Set the font searching library to dvi_miktex25.dll (you should type the name, not select from the list).
    4. Close the dialog by pressing OK.
  4. Restart LEd.
  5. Now you should be able to see the build-in DVI viewer working.


We know that this is not the most elegant way, but there is no other way to make the build-in viewer working under LEd 0.46 beta release. The 0.50 release allows you to choose MiKTeX 2.5 distribution and no dvi_miktex25.dll in MiKTeX's bin directory is necessary so please upadte.

Extensions, additional packages, tools, etc.

You can extend your main version of LEd by downloading some packages from the add-ons page. Alternatively, you can download these extensions directly from LEd (menu Configuration\Add ons).