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TeX/LaTeX textbooks and Web resources


There are several good textbooks on TeX/LaTeX. Here we recommend only a few of them.

  • Knuth D. E., The TeXbook, Addison–Wesley Professional; Spiral edition (January 1, 1984), ISBN: 0-201-13448-9.
    This is the main book for all TeX users. The author introduces TeX here.
    Some translations are also available:
    • French translation by Jean-Côme Charpentier, Le TeXbook: Composition informatique,
    • Japanese translation by Yoshiteru Sagiya and Nobuo Saito, TeXbukku, konpyuuta ni yoru sohan sisutemu,
    • Polish translation by Piotr Bolek, Włodzimierz Bzyl, and Adam Dawidziuk,
    • Russian translation by L. F. Kozachenko, edited by Yu. V. Kozachenko, Vse pre TeX.
  • Lamport L., LaTeX: A Document Preparation System, Addison–Wesley Professional; 2nd edition (June 30, 1994) ISBN: 0-201-52983-1.
    This book was written by the author of LaTeX. The author introduces his extension to TeX. This is what you need to start working with LaTeX.
    Some translations are also available:
    • German translation, Das LaTeX-Handbuch,
    • Polish translation, LATEX System opracowywania dokumentów. Podręcznik i przewodnik użytkownika.
  • Mittelbach F., Goossens M., Braams J., Carlisle D., Rowley C., The LaTeX Companion, Addison–Wesley Professional; 2nd edition (April 22, 2004), ISBN: 0-201-36299-6.
    This is an in-depth and well written reference for LaTeX.
  • Knuth D. E., The METAFONTbook. Massachusetts: Addison–Wesley, 1986.
    This is the definitive user manual and reference for all people preparing their own fonts in METAFONT.

Online TeX/LaTeX books and papers

Textbooks are very good references. Nevertheless, sometimes it is not necessary to purchase a textbook. Many people learn LaTeX from free sources. Some of the most popular and useful are:

  • Oetiker T., The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e.
    This good introduction to LaTeX is available in many languages:
  • Flynn P., Formatting Information. A beginner's introduction to typesetting with LaTeX.
    This free book is a comprehensive introduction for LaTeX. It describes LaTeX concepts and commands in detail, shows how to install and use TeX distributions, extending packages, etc. We recommend beginner users to take a look at this book—it is likely what you need to learn.
  • Torsten Martinsen. LaTeX Help 1.6. January 16th 1995 .
    This is a short and nice reference for LaTeX users. It is distributed also in Windows® Help format and contains brief information for most of LaTeX's commands.
  • Doob M., A Gentle Introduction to TeX.
    This is another introduction to TeX/LaTeX. Just take a look at the DVI file, maybe you will be interested.
  • Greenberg H. J., A Simplified Introduction to LaTeX, 2000.
    This is a simple introduction to LaTeX. It is worth taking a look at this document.
  • Eijkhout V., TeX by Topic, A TeXnician's Reference, Addison–Wesley Publishing Company Wokingham, England 1992, ISBN: 0-201-56882-9.
    This text book for TeX users is now available also on-line.
  • Pakin S., The Comprehensive LATEX Symbol List, 2001.
    If you are looking for a special (unusual) symbol, you must download this document. It contains a list of more than 2000 symbols which can be used in LaTeX. LEd's LaTeX symbol toolbars are based on this source (cf. our credits page).
  • Wilson P., The Memoir Class, 2004.
    There are a lot of document classes for LaTeX, but the memoir class is a special one. It is designed for typesetting books and large documents. The author provides also some interesting documentation, which describes more than just the commands' syntax. It contains also a discussion of professional typesetting. Everyone interested in this field should at least take a look at the first part of this book.
  • Heck A, Lerning METAPOST by Doing, 2005.
    METAPOST is a language designed for preparing figures in EPS format for TeX/LaTeX. The author of this book teaches the reader by examples. It shows not only how to create simple but also quite complex figures.

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