What is LEd?

LaTeX Editor, called later LEd, is an environment for rapid TeX and LaTeX document development. It is free to use, however, donations act as a catalyst for its develompent.

LaTeX Editor is designed to work on Windows® 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista operating systems. LEd's capabilities vary according to the operating system used, e.g., Visual Styles from Windows® XP. It, however, works with almost all functionality also on Windows® 95.

LEd offers a project manager, powerful editor, integrated spellchecker and thesaurus, build-in DVI viewer, descriptive hints for LaTeX commands, code complete mechanism, word wrapping, code folding, multilingual environment, and more. Nevertheless, LaTeX Editor is a small program. The whole package without thesauri data occupies only 6 MB of disk space, while the fully functional version for one language needs about 2.0 MB. Please go to the more about page if you are interested in a more detailed description of LEd.

LEd Main Window

This program is freeware. You may use it free of charge. Notice, however, that it is not public domain, so LEd's authors have copyrights (see the licence for details). Some parts of the application, e.g., word lists for the spellchecker, come from other people, so please go to the credits page for a list of contributors to Buy whom we are grateful.

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